Recurring Deposit (RD) Calculator

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A recurring deposit is an investment cum savings option. This is a good avenue for those who want to save regularly and earn a higher interest rate. Every month, a fixed amount of money is deducted either from investor's savings account or a current account. At the end of the maturity period, investors are paid back their invested funds with accrued interest.

You can open RD account at public sector banks, private sector banks or even at post offices, but their minimum deposit amount varies. At a public sector bank, an RD account can be opened with an amount as low INR 100. While, at private sector banks the minimum amount to be deposited maybe INR 500 to INR 1000, in a post office one can open an account at just INR 10. Some banks have an upper limit of INR 15 lakh, while others don’t have any such upper limit. The tenure for a Recurring Deposit is a minimum of three months and maximum of 10 years in most cases.

RD interest rate at every bank may vary, but it typically ranges between 7% to 9.25% p.a, and at the post office it is 7.4% (depending on prevailing market condition). Senior citizens get 0.5% extra.