How google Nomulus works ?

How Google Nomulus Works ? - An Open Source Cloud-Based Domain Name Registry Google announced Nomulus domain registry platform. It is now easier for companies and individuals to “brand” the internet with their own identity by using creative and catchy words.  It is the ways to convert e Top Level Domains into addresses like .google or .channel and all to celebrate brand identity. It is Java-based technology ,  open sourced.

Its aim to get piece of internet infrastructure make available the Top Level Domain to everyone. With this opportunity to shape the internet by naming its domains as per business category. Domain names are hosted as a collection under a specific TLD. As all the academic websites hosted on .edu.

To manage a TLD, you need a domain name registry i.e  to stores registration details and DNS information for all domain names under that TLD. As an example all small scale  food company use top level domain as and also referred it as search keyword. It is powered by the Google App Engine, and registry platform relies on the Google Cloud Platform.