Fitbit – Smart Fitness Monitor


This is high-performance wristband which can monitor your heart rate all day and during workouts to get more accurate calorie burn. You can Track steps, distance, floors climbed and sleep quality and more, and stay connected with caller ID and time of day on display.

It can be wirelessly syncs to your smartphone and computer so you can monitor your trends and get the motivation you need to push your self further.


Heart Rate

It can measure accurate Heart rate which is beautifully presented in charts and stays in the logs. Steps count:  It counts the steps you take and put it up against your daily goal. This works as a pedometer. 

Active minutes

If u played table tennis for 30 minutes, it counts them as active minutes, if I cycle, it counts it as active minutes, that is it counts the minutes exercised.  means you can set a goal of 30 minutes as active minutes a day and depending on your body movement, it measures it as active minutes. Calories burned:  It shows total calories burnt based on your profile. these are the calories you burnt with your activity u done. This is shown separately; these get added to the total calorie count. 

 Quality of sleep: This is the amazing feature of the Fitbit. It shows you a minute by minute record of your sleep, so basically, you are dead still, it will record as deep sleep, if you are not in deep sleep and have the slightest motion, it will show up as restless and if you really move around, it will show you as awake. This will be counted automatically as per your movements.
 Notifications: The Fitbit is capable of displaying the Caller ID or the number of the caller once connected to your phone And  also notifies music control and GPS tracking information.  This is quite useful if you want to see the caller without taking your phone out if it is in your pocket. It gives a soft vibrate so you know there is a call coming in. You can set silent alarms on the phone within the app and the Fitbit will vibrate to wake you or alert you. Which in turn improves the battery life of your mobile.

Software And Syncing: You can see all graphical representation of your statistics on mobile app and website. It get auto synchronized one you launch the app on mobile or web.

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